Amber Sea Foam Candle


Amber Sea Foam Candle



Amber Sea Foam Candle

A shaded path through balsam trees opens up to a cliffside cottage. Once inside, faded curtains billow from the cool breeze delivered by the breaking waves below, indicating that an extra blanket at the foot of every bed might be a wise idea.

A strong marine accord softens to a creamy blend of bitter almond, vanilla bourbon and Baltic amber.

LAFCO candles—in their fragrance, performance, and aesthetics—are designed to enhance the mood of a familiar, beloved space, and not overpower or interfere with it. Our candles are hand poured in the USA and optimized to yield a 90-hour burn. Formulated with a specialty high soy content wax which burns cleaner than paraffin, and with natural essential oil-based fragrances which burn richly and evenly fills the space with fragrance. Each candle is made in a hand-blown art glass vessel whose sophisticated lines and vibrant colors will compliment any space, long after the wax has burned.

LAFCO is committed to superior natural ingredients, classic artisanal craftsmanship, and innovative design. These values yield an authentic and quality-driven approach to our creation of luxurious experiences.

Formulated with natural essential oil-based fragrances to create a rich and impactful scent. Fragrance: clean marine notes are mixed with just a hint of ylang-ylang and warm Baltic amber.

Burn time: 90 hours. Clean burning soy-based wax and 100% cotton/ non-chemically treated wick.

Trim wick before relighting. Remove trimmings from wax. Burn 2- 4 hours on a flame resistant surface. Keep in sight.

LAFCO Cottage House (Amber Sea Foam) Candle is clean, clear marine notes are mixed with just a hint of ylang-ylang followed with a scent of warm Baltic amber.

In celebration of the good life, LAFCO presents the LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection. These sophisticated fragrances are tailor made to evoke the ideal setting of your perfect dream home. Poured into an oversized, colored, hand-blown vessel.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 in


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