How to Fix and Prevent Root Rot

root rot indoor outdoor plants

Anyone with a garden in New Orleans knows that humidity is what Southerners do best. And though many plants are made to take the heat, excessive dampness is not always what they do best. Many times, dampness in plants can lead to root rot and though it can happen to any plant, root rot can […]

The Complete Guide to New Orleans’ Favorite Tree: The Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtle tree care new orleans

You can’t go anywhere in New Orleans without seeing one of the city’s favorite trees, the crepe myrtle. There is no secret as to why it is our favorite. The crepe myrtle yields beautiful long-lasting summer flowers, tolerates the Louisiana heat, and has a sculptural trunk with beautiful bark. Another reason why it is so […]

TPG’s Ultimate Guide to Growing Tomatoes

growing tomatoes and vegetables new orleans

Maybe you sit around and dream about tomatoes all day. Maybe you don’t and maybe you sacrilegiously buy them from Walmart in December AND store them in your refrigerator (!). Doesn’t matter because it is summer now and that means it is tomato season in New Orleans. Here in south Louisiana that is just code […]