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10 Dog Safe Plants for your Home and Garden

Trying to decide between our furry friends and our leafy friends is like trying to decide between pies at Thanksgiving. That’s why we say you don’t have to. Of course, we want to make sure our garden is safe for our pets but also we also want to be sure that it looks great too. That’s why we’ve compiled our best suggestions for 10 dog-safe plants to add to your home and garden. Additionally, we also share a couple of other things to consider when designing a yard that is pet friendly.

10 Dog Safe Plants for your Home and Garden

1. Summer annuals – Zinnia and Marigolds

Why not add some dog-friendly color to your garden beds during the dog days of summer? 

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2. Winter annuals – Pansies, Petunias, and Snapdragons

Ask our garden center about some LSU Ag Center super plants that are non-toxic to pets.  

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3. Crepe Myrtle

Give your dogs some shade and some bark to bark at (sorry!) with a safe tree for pets. 

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4. Cast-iron plant

This tough plant will work like a dog while being a safe plant for your pet. 

cast iron dog friendly plant

5. Hibiscus

Did you know? That one plant that will give your neighbors puppy dog eyes is a pet-safe shrub!

6. Herbs

Yes, herbs are pet-friendly plants. The most utilitarian plant in your garden just got even more practical! 

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7. Camelia

A top dog shrub that is also pet safe. 

camellia garden plant

8. Indoor Palm Trees

A non-toxic houseplant for your indoors.

9. Succulents

If your houseplants live in a dog-eat-dog world, you can rejoice in the fact that succulents are pet-friendly houseplants. Just don’t keep aloe as it is toxic to dogs. 

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10. Spider Plants

Spiders may bother Fluffy, but a spider plant will not! 

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Other considerations to make your Garden Safe for Dogs

Use organic pesticides and fertilizers that are labeled safe for pets or non-toxic. At TPG, we make sure to have a selection of organic products that we love. 

Additionally, use pet-safe mulches such as pine mulch. An additional advantage of pine mulch is that it is environmentally friendly, too!

For those looking to add some dog-safe plants to the garden, consider choosing some of these selections! For local gardening advice, expertise, and affordably priced plants, you can visit us at our garden center at 9401 Airline Highway, New Orleans, LA 70118, or give us a call at 504.488.8887. TPG is proud to supply plants from local growers here in Louisiana and the Gulf South for all of our customers’ needs!