Home Irrigation

A home irrigation system can help you save money, reduce water consumption, and maximize the efficiency of your landscape watering process, allowing you to maintain the health and beauty of your yard. If an irrigation system is installed incorrectly, it can create water waste, leading to money coming out of your pocket. A well-installed and maintained home irrigation system can reduce your annual water usage by around 8,800 gallons which is the equivalent of taking 500 showers. Learn how TPG – The Plant Gallery can help you save water by properly installing a home irrigation system at your New Orleans home.

What Is a Home Irrigation System?

Home irrigation systems are a series of drip irrigation applicators or sprinklers powered by water pressure behind a single irrigation valve. The system is controlled by an electrical irrigation system that determines when the water will be pushed through the valve to reach plants in need of nutrients. The electrical irrigation system is programmed to shut the water off after a predetermined period has passed. The home irrigation professionals at TPG – The Plant Gallery will configure the irrigation controller to water on certain days and times, depending on your landscape’s needs. Due to our climate, our plants do best being watered in the early morning to avoid fungus and molding.

Professional irrigation system

A professional home irrigation system can save you money and help your garden flourish. When you hire a professional to construct and maintain your irrigation system, you don’t have to worry about mishaps or water waste. Home irrigation professionals, like the ones at TPG – The Plant Gallery, have years of experience constructing irrigation systems. Through years of installing drip irrigation systems, the team at TPG – The Plant Gallery has learned how to best build irrigation systems that reduce water waste and provide valuable nutrients to customers’ landscapes.

DIY irrigation system

While a DIY home irrigation system may seem appealing to some, many people often end up spending more time and money than they originally planned for. Similarly, it takes experience to know where to place sprinkler heads to best maintain a landscape. Often DIY irrigation systems lead to overwatering in some parts of the yard and underwatering in others. Additionally, a water irrigation professional will know how to set up your irrigation system in a way that negates water waste. Before spending your next few weekends digging up your yard, contact TPG – The Plant Gallery for assistance.

Benefits of Home Irrigation

Home irrigation offers multiple benefits that can keep your home and your water bill well maintained for the years to come.

Conserve Water

“How much water is enough?” is a question that has run through the mind of every home gardener. You want a yard full of beautiful grass and plants, but you also don’t want a water bill that breaks the bank. Home irrigation systems offer a solution to this problem. Home irrigation systems are programmed to give each area of your yard the proper amount of nutrients. Your home irrigation professional will divide each section of your yard into different zones. These zones are normally divided into sunny areas, shady areas, low areas, and high areas. Your irrigation system will conserve water by watering each zone as needed, thus keeping your water bill low and under control.

Save Time

Watering your yard at the optimum time will help your yard to flourish faster than you may have expected. Home irrigation systems allow your root systems to take in the perfect amount of water at just the right time. Just like an athlete that needs a good workout and protein to flourish, plants need water and sunlight to grow to their full potential. A home irrigation system provides nutrients to your yard without you having to take the time out of your busy schedule to do so. Unlike other chores around the house, you won’t have to schedule time out of your day to water your garden when you have an automatic shutoff valve within your home irrigation system.

Improve Water Management

Improving water management is not always an easy science. It takes experience and knowledge to construct a home irrigation system that conserves water and money. When speaking with the landscapers and home irrigation professionals at TPG – The Plant Gallery, some suggestions they might make to minimize water waste in your yard include:

  • Add mulch to all plant beds
  • Routine testing of your irrigation system to check that your zones are programmed correctly
  • Filling your landscape with drought-tolerant, regionally appropriate, native plants that thrive in New Orleans
  • Routinely checking sprinklers for breaks and leaks to make sure water is going where it’s needed
  • Routinely checking your home irrigation system for water efficiency improvements
  • Programing your home irrigation system to make seasonal water adjustments
  • Ensuring your home irrigation system uses water-efficient technology, rainfall sensors, and high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles

How Much Does a Home Irrigation System Cost?

According to Home Advisor, on average, it costs around $2,429 to get a home irrigation system installed, with the low end of that pricing being $500 and the high end being $4,600. Most feel that a home irrigation system is worth this investment because of the time and money you will save in the long run. Additionally, like any other improvements you make to your home, home irrigation can boost your property value. Because of this, many homeowners see lawn sprinkler systems as an investment.

TPG – The Plant Gallery’s Home Irrigation System

TPG – The Plant Gallery’s irrigation system, Rain Bird, will allow you to control your yard’s moisture level without ever stepping a foot outside. Our Wi-Fi-enabled system offers precise controls enabling you to deliver the same amount of water to your garden every day. Our installation process typically takes one to two days, and the only supplies we will need to install your system are a regular hose bib and one regular outdoor outlet. We can also run microtubes to all of your potted plants to ensure that your entire plant family is getting proper care. We recommend an irrigation system to all of our customers, no matter their yard’s size. We do this because a beautiful expansive green space can quickly turn brown and stale if it is not adequately hydrated.

Helping you keep your landscaping growing and vibrant is important to us, which is why we recommend an irrigation system for any sized garden. A vast expanse of green space is certainly gorgeous to look at and will increase your home’s property value. Still, without proper hydration, you could be missing out on your landscaping’s potential to flourish and captivate the attention of all who pass by.

Give your garden the gift of growth with an innovative irrigation system from TPG – The Plant Gallery. We’ll handle the installation from start to finish, and even help you grow your plant family with additions from our Garden Center. Call us today at (504) 488-8887 to learn more about our irrigation systems and how we can help you keep your garden beautiful.

Home Irrigation FAQs

Is an irrigation system worth it?

If you wish to improve the appearance of your home, an irrigation system is definitely worth it. Additionally, home irrigation systems can lower the cost of your water bill in the long term. If you have spent an ample amount of money buying gorgeous plants to make your yard look beautiful, an irrigation system can help protect that investment by ensuring all of your plants are provided with the proper nutrients. In fact, TPG only guarantees your plants survival with our installation of a home irrigation system.

Do sprinkler systems increase home value?

A home irrigation system can indirectly increase a home’s market value by increasing curb appeal. An attractive landscape can help ensure that your home maintains its value.

What type of irrigation system is best for lawns?

The Rain Bird system provided by TPG – The Plant Gallery is the perfect system for your New Orleans landscape. With Bluetooth capabilities, you can water your lawn from the comfort of your home without ever having to step into the blazing Southeast Louisiana sun.

Home Irrigation in New Orleans

Contact TPG - The Plant Gallery to learn more about home irrigation in Metro New Orleans. Our team of landscaping and home irrigation professionals can use their years of knowledge to install a ground sprinkler system that will provide you with the healthy lawn you have always dreamed of. Our garden center can also provide you with beautiful plants that thrive in NOLA's tropical climate. Call us at (504) 488-8887 or fill out our free consultation form for more information.

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