New Orleans Area Home Irrigation Services

Your beautifully manicured garden deserves consistent care to grow, thrive, and continue to delight passersby with elegant beauty. Not only will a controlled irrigation system prevent under- or overwatering your plants, but your garden’s roots will also be able to grow and strengthen. TPG – The Plant Gallery utilizes the Rain Bird Irrigation Control System, one of the best in the market, to help our clients maintain beautiful landscaping with consistent and quality care.

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Benefits of a Home Irrigation System

Hydration is one of the key elements needed to keep your garden lush and strong. With a controlled irrigation system, you can prevent weed overgrowth and leaf disease by targeting specific areas of your garden with consistent water flow whenever it’s needed. Large gardens take time and care to water appropriately, especially during the summer. An irrigation system will conserve water and time with presets, and will also preserve the soil’s structure by preventing those cherished nutrients from escaping. Drip and sprinkler irrigation systems produce smaller droplets that penetrate the soil and prevent soil compaction, which can lead to withering leaves and root disease.

Our Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation system, Rain Bird, allows you to control your garden’s moisture level from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in the world! Enjoy the convenience of watering your plants with this Wi-Fi-enabled system without ever stepping beyond your front door. With specific and precise controls, you can deliver your garden the same amount of water every day, all year long. Proper watering cycles are crucial to keeping New Orleans foliage healthy, happy, and beautiful, and our team of experts is happy to install a system for you.

The installation process will take one to two days, and the only things we’ll need to get the job done are a regular hose bib and one regular outdoor outlet in which to plug the system. This service isn’t just limited to landscaping—we can also run microtubes to all of your potted plants, including hanging baskets, to ensure that each growth in your plant family is cared for.

Helping you keep your landscaping growing and vibrant is important to us, which is why we recommend an irrigation system for any sized garden. A vast expanse of green space is certainly gorgeous to look at and will increase your home’s property value. Still, without proper hydration, you could be missing out on your landscaping’s potential to flourish and captivate the attention of all who pass by.

Give your garden the gift of growth with an innovative irrigation system from TPG – The Plant Gallery. We’ll handle the installation from start to finish, and even help you grow your plant family with additions from our Garden Center. Call us today at (504) 488-8887 to learn more about our irrigation systems and how we can help you keep your garden beautiful.