Landscape Lighting Design New Orleans

When you have a beautiful yard but no way to enjoy it when day turns into night, it’s time to consider installing lights. From spotlighting, deck lighting, and lanterns to outdoor wall lighting, string lighting, and path lighting, landscape lights can do more than just illuminate a space — they may be the perfect touch to bring out the best in the environment around them. Every residential and commercial landscape is different, but with the right combination of lights and installations, you can improve upon both beauty and safety without a significant amount of added work.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting Design

Aside from helping to create a good first impression for your home or business, a well-lit outdoor space brings many benefits to your property, including increases in:
  • Safety and security: Bright lighting can deter burglars and animals and help you see clearly through a door peephole or watch security camera footage. These lights can also keep people safe while they’re on your property by illuminating pathways and reducing the risk of tripping in the dark.
  • Functionality: Landscape lighting in New Orleans can allow you to properly utilize your outdoor area. Fixtures like wall sconces, post lights, and path lights all help to illuminate walkways, driveways, and doorways at night that would otherwise be unusable in the dark.
  • Appearance: Using various types of lighting can create a unique visual look. Warm string lights can accentuate an outdoor eating area, LED underlighting draws the eye along a garden wall, and a row of lanterns can designate a seating area.

Our Advanced Landscape Lighting Systems

TPG – The Plant Gallery installs both upturned and downturned lights, whether you want to highlight specific areas or simply spend time in the garden after dark. Our systems provide the added comfort of automatic controls, allowing you to set times as desired. You can also direct your lights manually based on your schedule. You won’t have to worry about power usage, either, as our lights are all low-voltage and LED for less consumption. Each light array is custom-fitted for your property, and with a team of over 60 landscaping professionals, we have the ability to accent your yard in all the right places.

How Does the Landscape Lighting Process Work?

Our team will perform a free consultation and survey your grounds; we can do this with or without you present, depending on your needs. One of our landscape lighting designers will study your yard’s layout and appearance at night to find the best fit, recommending the right package and degrees of lighting based on where the lights will go.

As yard security is vital to us, design recommendations always consider placement and visibility alongside aesthetic value. Once the spread is established, our in-house installation crew can either begin work at once or perform the setup in stages, according to your preferences. Installations cost eight cents a night, at up to fifteen fixtures, on average, for the homeowner. Since we buy straight from the manufacturer, you won’t incur additional costs for parts.

Upon installation completion, we’ll return at night to check for errors and to make sure you’ve received the best service possible. Adjustments and recommendations for dark spots will also be made at this time. We want you to enjoy your space to the fullest extent, no matter the event or time of day, so we’re committed to highlighting your entire outdoor space, fixtures included.

Contact Us for Your Landscape Lighting Design in New Orleans

TPG – The Plant Gallery is backed up by years of experience in residential and high-end commercial projects, having served the New Orleans area since 1991. From everyday landscaping needs to weddings and special events, our staff will work with you on how to design your landscape lighting every step of the way. If you’re looking for an all-in-one local business to transform your outdoor lighting design in New Orleans, contact us today to get started.

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