Residential Landscaping Maintenance in New Orleans, LA

The most efficient way to approach residential landscaping projects is to plan ahead for both climate and maintenance. Celebrate your beautiful landscape and increase your property value with landscaping that highlights its best features and keeps it looking great throughout the entire year. The professionals at TPG – The Plant Gallery can help you design and maintain your landscape in our New Orleans climate.

The Importance of Climate Zone

The greater New Orleans area has a unique climate. The most significant factors to be aware of when choosing what plants you’d like to fill your New Orleans garden with are: average annual rainfall, sunlight, the high and low end of the annual temperature

The extreme heat in the summer and some freezing temperatures in the winter require hardy plants that can thrive in hot, humid conditions for most of the year. The US Department of Agriculture has a map of hardiness and heat zones in the country that range from 3-11. The New Orleans area is in zones 8 and 9, and most gardeners consider NOLA’s heat zone to most commonly be in the subsection of 9a. Between the famous humidity of the region and the 60 inches of rain per year the area averages, there is ample opportunity for lush growth. Our garden center is curated with the best options for your Southeast Louisiana garden, in addition to all of the decor, tools, and supplies needed to get the job done right

Residential Landscaping Maintenance Program

TPG – The Plant Gallery’s personalized lawn care and maintenance program can help to keep your property looking spectacular. We’ll meet with you on-site to discuss your vision for the space to create a plan and make it a reality. Our technicians tailor each design to the area and the customer, and we take great care to ensure the best service every time. Our exterior maintenance program includes services listed below.

This program is designed to meet the specific needs of your property. We typically offer 52 or 42 maintenance times per year, with options like weekly pruning and shaping, bi-monthly comprehensive services, or seasonal coloring and updating.

Lawn Care and Maintenance Packages

Depending on the needs of your home or business, we offer a wide range of essential maintenance packages and services to keep your landscaping looking its best, year-round. Our crews will do all the necessary mowing, watering, fertilizing, and irrigation monitoring, plus more specialized services such as shrub and vine trimming and shaping. We can also keep your plants safe from diseases and pests, as well as periodically adjust your landscaping’s lighting and coloring to keep it looking fresh as the seasons change.

Shrub Trimming and Shaping
Disease and pest treatment
Vine Shaping and Training
Irrigation Monitoring and Drainage
Custom floral arrangements
Christmas Decorations

Why TPG - The Plant Gallery

Our knowledgeable and passionate team has 30 plus years of experience helping New Orleans residents to enjoy their outdoor space with beautiful landscaping design solutions. Our priority is to provide our customers with a broad range of services that support a distinctive lifestyle. Check out our residential landscaping and maintenance portfolio for examples of our work. Fill out a free consultation form, or call us today at (504) 488-8887 to schedule a sales consultation and bring your landscaping to the next level.