TPG believes that landscape design should be client-driven, integrating the client’s visions and preferences with our professional knowledge and expertise. Our team can transform an existing garden or a bare property into an attractive space that integrates characteristics of its surroundings while maintaining its uniqueness.

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An exceptional design is crucial for an exceptional garden. Our professional team goes on site to view the property and discuss the client’s preferences and visions. After we draft a design, we review it with the client again before working out a timeline that will complete the project in a timely manner.


We install series of upturned lights and downturned lights to enhance a garden’s accents and illuminate small plants, allowing the garden to be observed and appreciated at all hours of the day. The lighting system is programmed to turn on at a designated time, or the client can choose to manually direct the lighting system.


Remembering to water your plants every day can be a hassle, and it’s equally problematic if you leave your house for an extended period of time. We install irrigation systems that allow you to sit back and simply enjoy the end product. Our commercial-grade systems divide the garden into multiple zones and are then programmed to sprinkle water in each zone during timed intervals, ensuring that every part of the garden is covered and well nourished.


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