4th of July Container Garden Arrangement

A Red, White, and Blue Garden Arrangement for the 4th of July

This time of year, we are inspired by the patriotic and summer inspired colors of red, white, and blue. Not only will this potted arrangement be a stellar centerpiece for your 4th of July party but it can hang out and look great for the rest of the summer. We have constructed this gorgeous display featuring a mix of sun and heat loving plants in a terracotta pot – read on to hear about how we came up with the design so you can make it on your own!

We started with a terracotta pot from our garden center because it is classic and very affordable. A terracotta pot will have no trouble being used again for another season or for herbs and can easily be incorporated into any garden’s design scheme. If you want though, another pot – especially black colored or white colored could easily be used instead.

4th of July Container Garden Arrangement

Since the pot is smaller, we chose 3 plants – pentas, vinca, and angelonia in red, white, and blue, respectively. All of these plants are heat tolerant and do very well in New Orleans’ summers. If you have a larger container, you can add additional plants to fill it out, the more the merrier! As you can see, we stuck with the classic container garden formula: thriller, filler, spiller. In other words, tall, medium, and something that spills out of the pot.

  • Blue Angelonia = thriller
  • Red Penta = Filler
  • White Vinca = Spiller

The design and color possibilities are endless with this type of seasonal arrangement so don’t be afraid to make substitutions and experiment with our favorite warm season annuals. You can even come to our garden center, pick your pot, pick your plants, and have one of our associates pot it up for you!

4th of July Container Garden Arrangement

Thank you for reading. We hope this inspires you to go patriotic with your plants for this 4th of July holiday. Visit us in our garden center at 9401 Airline Highway, New Orleans, LA 70118 or call us at (504) 488-8887.