Christmas Plants

Essential Holiday Items You Need From Our Shop + Garden Center in New Orleans

The Crescent City’s steamy, 100°+ weather may fool you, but the holidays are right around the corner.

This season, TPG – The Plant Gallery invites you to explore our exclusive holiday collection — a handpicked assortment where exciting tradition meets elegant timelessness.

From pumpkin-themed home goods to aromatic evergreens, dive in as we unveil the essential holiday items you won’t want to miss!

Top Fall & Halloween Picks

Fall Gardening

The fall season has officially begun. If you’re looking to keep up with the festive spirit that autumn brings, our fall & Halloween collection can transform your space into a holiday oasis.

Fall items

Adorn your dinner table with fall-themed decor, infuse your entire home with the smell of the holidays, or do it all. At TPG – The Plant Gallery, we have all the fall decor you need, with some of our favorites including our:

Halloween items

Hosting a spooky Halloween party? Celebrating solo or with just the family? Treat yourself to these essentials from our Halloween collection:

Top Christmas Picks

New Orleans Christmas Trees

Bring home a winter wonderland with the help of TPG – The Plant Gallery. Our Christmas collection paints every nook and cranny with strokes of festivity and charm.

Christmas trees

The time to pre-order your Christmas tree is now! Whether you’re picking up a tree or we’re delivering it to you, find your perfect fit with the stock at our Garden Center in New Orleans, including:

Plus, complete the entire look and feel of your tree with our Christmas tree skirts. Choose from pleated metallic, fur tree, rich luster, or gold grain, and see how our skirts add a finishing touch to the beauty of your tree.

Winter greenery

Because just the Christmas tree is never enough — breathe more life into your indoor and outdoor space with our expansive options for greenery:

Holiday items

You can never go wrong with the classics. Shopping for gifts? Looking to create the North Pole in your front yard? Need an ornament refresh? Check out our complete stock for:

Shop Our Holiday Items & Garden Center in New Orleans

The holiday season is our favorite time of the year at TPG – The Plant Gallery. With our abundance of fall and winter-themed items, we’ll make sure it’s yours, too.

Whether you want a Frasier-scented candle, a set of pumpkin-shaped dishes, or a dazzling wreath for your front door, our holiday collection has what you’re looking for, always at the right price.

Check out our shop to see our full holiday inventory!