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Floral Arrangement Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

Looking for floral arrangement ideas for your outdoor wedding? Luckily for us in New Orleans, outdoor wedding season is almost (hello summer!) year round. Wedding ceremonies in New Orleans venues are typically held in beautiful New Orleans courtyards, parks, backyards, and gorgeous St. Charles mansions. Read on to learn about ways to elevate your wedding with gorgeous outdoor wedding flowers and decor ideas to create the wedding of your dreams!

1. Be Seasonal with your Outdoor Wedding Flowers

What’s that saying? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Well, it is the same with an outdoor wedding. Celebrate the best that the season has to offer and use in season flowers as well as arrangements inspired by the colors and favorite elements of the season.

2. Flower Arches to add a Magical Touch to your Wedding Ceremony

Flower arches are a beautiful and memorable way to decorate for your ceremony. Hosting an outdoor wedding means that you can go big with your arch or use a smaller, scaled down version for your indoor wedding. Did we mention that they will make your pictures look absolutely incredible?

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3. Hurricane Lanterns

Hurricane lanterns are a beautiful way to decorate your outdoor wedding ceremony and elevate absolutely any wedding decor that you have because they go with everything. As an added plus, hurricane lanterns are far safer than tea lights for those unpredictable winds, children, and dress hems that could be in your wedding. 

A pink carpet lined with candles representing decor by birthday floral arrangements company The Plant Gallery in Metairie, LA

4. Use Topiaries to create “Walls” and Outdoor Rooms

If you choose a florist that will allow you to rent topiaries, this can be a very affordable way to decorate for your outdoor wedding. Though they are not technically wedding flowers, topiaries are extremely practical and can be used to create outdoor “rooms”, hide unsightly toilet rentals or trash cans, and can create a welcoming entrance for your wedding guests.

5. Hanging Flower Orbs for your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you plan on getting married at an outdoor venue with our famous New Orleans live oak trees, take advantage of this magical floral wedding arrangement. Imagine how magical your outdoor wedding ceremony will look underneath hanging flower spheres. This floral arrangement  is definitely “for the ‘gram”.

6. Flower Fountain as the Wedding Centerpiece

Getting married at a New Orleans hotel venue? Or in one of our beautiful courtyards? Definitely wow your guests and create a floral work of art that will double as a beautiful ceremony and reception floral centerpiece.

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7. Pick lasting Flowers for your Outdoor Wedding Florals

Your florist should already be using locally sourced flowers that they know will last through your big day but if you have a specific flower in mind, don’t forget to ask your florist if that flower will last. A particularly hot or freezing day could make a difference in how your flowers hold out for your big day. 

We hope you enjoyed these unique floral arrangements for your outdoor wedding and hopefully it has inspired some ideas! To read or learn about more flower arranging ideas, visit us on our Pinterest page

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