houspelant tips for beginners

Indoor Houseplant Tips for Beginners

What else in your home could create a serene environment and purify the air all at the same time? It’s houseplants! If you’re thinking – Wow! Where can I get one of those? – we are going to share our top indoor houseplant tips for beginners, as well as some of our best houseplants. 

Light for Houseplants

The most important thing for houseplant success is light. Before choosing a plant, consider the light conditions of your house and choose a spot for your houseplant accordingly. Even plants that are labeled as “low-light” need a lot of light. Indoor plants do best by a bright window. Be sure to rotate the plant when you water so that it doesn’t lean towards the light source. 

houseplants for beginners

Watering Indoor Plants

Before purchasing your plant, you must ask yourself how often you will care for and water your new houseplant baby as this is important. Even cacti and succulents need water, but less than a tropical plant. Ask your garden center how to care for your plant and be observant. Most plants need less water when the air is colder and more water in hot weather. An easy way to tell if your plant needs water is to pick up the pot and note whether it is light (dry) or heavy (well watered). Oh, and make sure your pot has a hole at the bottom for drainage! Always, every time, no exceptions.  

A Pot with a Hole in it – Inside my House? 

Yes. Healthy houseplants need to expel water. We suggest purchasing a stylish pot that you love (with a hole at the bottom), and then placing a plastic saucer underneath to catch any leftover water. The plastic saucer is the most floor safe solution. Pick a pot that is about one-third larger than the houseplant to repot it with soil, or for many houseplants, you can simply drop the plant with its grow pot directly into your fancy pot. If you must buy a pot without a hole, make sure to keep your plant in its grow pot and water it in a sink or bathtub where it can drain. 

houseplants for beginners

Soil and Fertilizer for your Houseplant

If you choose to repot your houseplant, always use potting soil except for succulents and cacti (use a cactus specific soil for them). To fertilize indoor plants, you can use an all-purpose, slow release indoor plant fertilizer as directed by the fertilizer’s package. 

Easy to Care For Houseplants for Beginners

1. Pothos – Extremely easy to grow plants and very hard to kill. Use in medium to high light situations and water them about once a week. They both grow in a vine and cascade beautifully.

2. Succulents and Cacti – Ideal for those who often forget to water their plants as these need less frequent waterings. However, they will need well draining succulent soil and bright light.

3. Snake Plant – This plant is easy to grow and very hard to kill. That is why you see it in many hotels and office buildings. As a bonus, this plant cleans the air and tolerates low light.

Plants are always a great addition to your home and once you get started, are fairly easy to care for. Thank you for reading our houseplant tips and suggestions for some easy to care for houseplants. We hope that these help you be the most successful houseplant owner in the future!