Orange, yellow, and pink funeral flowers arranged by The Plant Gallery in New Orleans, LA

Meanings Behind Popular Flowers

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

Henri Matisse

Flowers are special and some types of flowers are special depending on the season, occasion, or time of year. But did you know that there are meanings behind popular flowers and even less popular flowers that symbolize specific characteristics or emotions? Many of these meanings were attributed to flowers during the Victorian era and were considered a “language of flowers.” Other meanings are also derived from certain tales of mythology from Greek, Middle Eastern, and East Asian cultures. Below are some of the most popular flowers and their symbolic meanings to keep in mind. 

anemone popular flower


The anemone is a very popular bridal bouquet flower. Appropriately, the anemone symbolizes luck against evil.

calla lily popular flower

Calla Lily

Popular in bridal bouquets as well as in funeral flower arrangements. These sleek elegant flowers are symbolic of marriage and beauty.

gladiolus popular flower


Gladiolus are beautiful flowers that symbolize generosity, loyalty, and honor.

hydrangea popular flower


These summertime flowers look great in any flower arrangement. They symbolize heartfelt emotion and apologies.

iris popular flowers


There are so many different types of Iris but the Louisiana Iris makes a wonderful and popular cut flower. Irises carry the meaning of wisdom, hope, and trust. 

Lily popular flowers


Lilies mean purity and beauty. There are a million different colors and types of lilies to ask your florist to include in any flower arrangement depending on the occasion or season.

Mum popular flower meanings


A favorite Autumn flower that is also known as a mum. These fall flowers symbolize abundance, wealth, and cheerfulness.

Orchid popular flower meanings


Orchids make great houseplants, gifts, funeral plants, centerpieces, and flowers of appreciation. They last much longer than cut flowers and traditionally symbolize fertility.

Peony popular flower meanings


Peonies are known to represent good health, prosperity, and compassion. 

Photo: @theredmstudio

Rose popular flower meanings


Roses are typically associated with love and romance, however, depending on their color, roses can have many other meanings.

Tulip popular flower meanings


Tulips are the perfect springtime flower arrangement, and lovely to gift as mother’s day flowers. They symbolize perfect love. Aw!

Flowers are the perfect way to express appreciation and love. Knowing the meaning behind the flowers is fascinating and brings a whole new meaning to the art of flower arranging and gifting!