Hedges created by The Plant Gallery in New Orleans via metal edging

Metal Edging 101: How You Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

As a long-time design technique used by professional landscapers, metal edging offers a practical solution to keeping plants, materials, and outdoor spaces intact and looking their best. This weather-resistant borderline creates a professional, clean-cut, and alluring appearance to your property, no matter if it’s placed along your winding walkways, lush green space, or blooming garden beds. If you’re looking to upgrade the value and style of your New Orleans home or business, learn more about how metal edging adds a finishing touch to your property.

What Is Metal Edging?

Metal edging is commonly used to define walkways, lawns, and flowerbeds, in addition to preserving and protecting the existing landscape or hardscape of a commercial or residential property. As an integral part of any landscaping design, metal edging is a sturdy, elegant, and timeless way to accentuate your outdoor features. This type of edging often maintains an unobtrusive appearance, minimizing eye distractions that otherwise may detract attention from the beauty of your property.

Metal edging comes in a variety of materials, styles, colors, and installation methods. This unassuming outdoor feature can be shaped into almost any form to fit even the most drastic corners or curves in your yard. Requiring little maintenance after installation, metal edging provides a long-term solution to keeping your plants and outdoor features in place, all while enhancing the visual appearance of your home or business.

Hedges created by metal edger by The Plant Gallery in New Orleans, LA
Landscape Design by TPG

Benefits of Metal Edging for Your Property

In addition to providing a subtle accent to your property with minimal intrusion, metal edging offers many benefits for your landscape or hardscape, including:

  • Preventing migration of garden materials, such as mulch and gravel
  • Keeping grass, gravel, and rocks from invading your garden bed or path
  • Withstanding extreme weather conditions, such as frost or excessive rain
  • Not rotting, cracking, or chipping due to its high durability
  • Fitting cohesively into almost any landscape style

Metal Edging Services at TPG – The Plant Gallery

According to SFGATE, a well-landscaped home has a 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent price advantage over a home with no landscaping. At TPG – The Plant Gallery, our team of landscaping professionals can help elevate your commercial or residential property with our landscaping and metal edging services. With over 60 landscape architects, designers, and technical professionals on-site, we possess the unique expertise needed to bring your conceptual designs all the way to implementation. To learn more about how you can accentuate the appearance of your outdoor space with metal edging, contact our team today.