TellTale Signs of Overwatered Plants

When you take a new plant home, do you ever wonder if you are watering it too much, how to even tell, or if it is even possible for a plant to have too much water? You may believe you are doing everything right, but your new plant just does not have the life of some of your other plants. Do not worry, because there are telltale signs that you are overwatering and you can save them before it is too late! The following are signs to look out for that may indicate you are overwatering.

Yellow, soggy leaves

If your plant has yellow and soggy leaves, it is possible that your plant is overwatered. To bring this plant back to life, cut off any yellow, soggy leaves and leave the healthy ones. The plant can use their healthy leaves’ nutrients to bring the plant back to life!

Damp Soil

If the soil still seems damp when you are going to water your plant, it does not need to be watered again. Watering the plant again, with already wet soil, will cause the plant to be overwatered. To prevent this, have pots with drainage so that any excess water can be drained out or use a moisture meter, that can be found at The Plant Gallery, before watering.

Brown spots on leaves

If your plants have brown spots, this could mean they are overwatered. Although, this could also be a sign of underwatering. So, how can you tell the difference? If the brown spot is towards the middle of the leaf, this is usually a sign of overwatering. If the spots are on the edges, this is usually a sign of underwatering.

            A rule of thumb before taking a plant home is to do your research and purchase a plant that you are comfortable with watering. At The Plant Gallery, we can help you choose the perfect plant with the perfect amount of maintenance for you!