The Best Fruiting Plants for NOLA’s Zone 9 Climate

As all New Orleans residents know, the temperature in Southeast Louisiana can be brutal, to say the least. Our “tropical” climate often feels more like visiting a sauna than it does a beachside oasis. People aren’t the only ones who can feel the heat; our friends in the plant kingdom, including fruit trees, also feel the wrath of Louisiana’s brutal summers and surprisingly chilly winters. Find fruiting plants that thrive in NOLA’s harsh climate at TPG – The Plant Gallery’s Garden Center.

What Hardiness Zone Is New Orleans In?

Southeast Louisiana is in USDA hardiness zone 9. According to the LSU College of Agriculture, hardiness zones indicate the average minimum temperature in geographical regions across the country. The Big Easy and its surrounding areas being classified in USDA hardiness zone 9 means the average minimum temperatures are 20-30 degrees. Heat zone 9 averages 120-150 days a year of 86 degrees or higher. These harsh temperatures cause cellular structures in plants, plant metabolism, and enzymes to not function as well. This makes it somewhat difficult to find plants that will thrive in your NOLA garden. Luckily, TPG – The Plant Gallery’s Garden Center carries many plants that can grow in Southeast Louisiana.

Fruiting Plants That Thrive in Zone 9

For plants to thrive in hardiness zone 9, they must be able to tolerate Louisiana’s cold growing conditions in the winter and our above-average heat in the summer. Here are a few fruiting plants that can find a happy home in your NOLA garden.

Citrus fruits

While unexpected cold can put an end to many citrus trees, there are a few citrus trees that can handle NOLA’s few cold days a year, including:

  • Giant pummelo
  • Trifoliate orange
  • Owardi satsuma mandarin orange
  • Meyer lemon
  • Calamondin
  • Sweet clementine

Tropical fruits

While zone 9 is a tad too chili for fruit trees like mango and papaya, there are many tropical fruits that can tolerate the Bayou State’s short winters, including:

  • Starfruit
  • Avocado
  • Passionfruit
  • Kiwifruit
  • Asain guava

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