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Top Trends in Wedding Rentals and Floral Arrangements for 2024

At TPG – The Plant Gallery, we understand the pivotal role flowers and decor play on your wedding day. Based in New Orleans, we are renowned for our comprehensive floral services and extensive selection of rental decor items.

As we dive into the top trends for flower and wedding rentals in 2024, let TPG – The Plant Gallery guide you through the latest innovations and styles, helping you find the ideal floral and decorative expressions to make your wedding truly stand out.

Wedding Floral Trends

Once you have chosen your style and vision for your wedding, it’s time to meet with your florist. Flowers bring color, romance, and elegance to the room, setting a tone and matching your vision and personality.

Whether it’s a classic whimsical garden or organic and freeform, flowers tell a story.

No matter your taste, our versatile team is here to help create the floral arrangement of your dreams. From finding your ideal color palette to our floral delivery service, we are here for you.

Let’s take a look at all the floral trends hitting the market in 2024.

Seasonal blooms

Choosing seasonal flowers for a wedding is not only an aesthetic choice but also a practical one. Seasonal blooms are at their peak of freshness and beauty, which ensures they look stunning throughout your wedding day. Additionally, because these flowers are readily available during their natural growing season, they are often more affordable than out-of-season varieties that may require expensive importing.

Bold colors and unique palettes

Custom floral arrangement with TPG - The Plant Gallery

The trend in wedding florals is veering away from the classic whites and soft pastels that have dominated for decades towards more striking and adventurous color palettes. This bold shift allows couples to express their personalities and create an attractive wedding atmosphere. In 2024, vibrant and unexpected color schemes are not just a trend but a statement, inviting couples to explore a spectrum of possibilities that challenge traditional norms.

TPG – The Plant Gallery is at the forefront of this colorful revolution, crafting floral arrangements that capture the essence of each couple’s unique style.

Interactive and multi-functional floral installations

Bed of wedding flowers from TPG - The Plant Gallery

The trend towards interactive and multi-functional floral installations is transforming wedding environments into dynamic, engaging spaces. These creative floral setups not only enhance the venue’s beauty but also serve as practical elements that contribute to the event’s functionality and guest experience.

One of the most popular interactive floral decors is the floral photo backdrop. These backdrops create stunning visual focal points and allow guests to capture memories in a beautifully curated setting.

Hanging floral installations are another innovative approach, adding an element of wonder and sophistication to wedding spaces. Whether suspended above the dining area or the dance floor, these installations transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

Wedding Decor Rental Trends

When meeting with your TPG – The Plant Gallery florist, we don’t just talk flowers. Our team also offers wedding decor rentals to add an extra touch of flair to your venue.

Our New Orleans wedding rental items include:

  • Candles, candle holders, real and fake candles
  • Tablecloths
  • Decor pieces
  • Furniture
  • Inflatable balls
  • Tents
  • And much more!

Wedding tents

Wedding tents for rent with TPG - The Plant Gallery

Utilizing tents for your wedding allows you to break free from the constraints of traditional indoor venues and create a space that truly reflects your unique style and vision. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic garden party or a chic urban affair, a wedding tent provides the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

Between the additional square footage and protection from unpredictable weather, tents help ensure your guests remain comfortable while creating the perfect backdrop for your day.

TPG – The Plant Gallery offers a variety of rental tent options. From classic white marquees to sleek and modern structures, our wedding tents are designed to suit every style and theme.

Mixed seating arrangements

Seating arrangements for rent with TPG - The Plant Gallery

Mixed seating arrangements are taking center stage in wedding decor trends for 2024, offering couples a dynamic way to enhance the ambiance of their celebration. By combining different seating styles, such as designer cabaret and highboy tables, couples can create a stylish and inviting atmosphere for their guests.

Designer cabaret tables bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wedding reception. These sleek and chic tables feature slender profiles and stylish finishes, making them perfect for cocktail hours, lounge areas, or intimate dining spaces.

Highboy tables are another versatile seating option that’s gaining popularity among couples in 2024. These tall tables provide a casual and contemporary alternative to traditional seating, encouraging guests to mingle and socialize throughout the reception.

TPG – The Plant Gallery offers a stunning selection of wedding rental options to suit every style and budget. From sleek and modern designs to timeless classics, our curated collections are sure to elevate your celebration.

Lighting and candles

Wedding lighting and decor with TPG - The Plant Gallery

From creating a romantic ambiance to highlighting key focal points, strategic lighting design enhances every aspect of the celebration. No matter your taste, TPG – The Plant Gallery can help you find the right lighting to fit your unique style.

  • Ambient lighting: Transform wedding venues into enchanting spaces, whether through fairy lights draped across ceilings, twinkling string lights above outdoor dance floors, or warm uplighting highlighting architectural features.
  • Statement chandeliers: Add grandeur and sophistication, serving as stunning focal points that elevate the venue’s aesthetic, from dazzling crystal designs to sleek geometric fixtures.
  • Candles: Bring warmth and elegance, lining aisles, adorning tables as centerpieces, or floating in decorative vessels, casting a flattering glow that enhances the surroundings and your unique love story.

Learn More About Wedding Rentals in New Orleans

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For couples planning their nuptials in New Orleans, TPG – The Plant Gallery stands ready to offer expert guidance and innovative solutions in wedding flowers and rentals.

Our team’s deep understanding of the latest trends, combined with a commitment to personalized service, makes us the ideal partner in planning your big day. TPG – The Plant Gallery is your one-stop shop, allowing you to work with fewer vendors to bring your vision to life.

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