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3 Tips to Protect Your Landscape Lights From the Elements

Landscape lights can raise your property value and appeal while also safely guiding guests as they walk along your yard at night. Although useful, outdoor lighting is often damaged by harsh weather elements. Familiarizing yourself with ways to protect your outdoor lighting fixtures can help you better maintain a robust and functional landscape design.

1. Install Light Shields

Light shields are weatherproof boxes that help cover your outdoor lighting fixtures. As a result, they create a barrier between the outdoor elements and your landscape lighting. Light shields come in different sizes, suitable for various fixture designs. However, it’s important to select a shield with similar dimensions as your fixture so that it doesn’t disrupt the beauty of your landscaping lighting design. You should also ensure that the lighting shield is approved for outdoor use when purchasing it.

2. Select a Suitable Outdoor Lighting Location

Where you choose to install your landscape lighting determines how the fixtures will interact with different elements. You should choose strategic locations in your yard that will keep the lighting protected. For instance, attach lights under overhangs to shield them from the rain. Strategically placed lights will function at their best and ensure long-term protection.

3. Use Outdoor-rated Bulbs and Fixtures

Outdoor-rated bulbs are made weatherproof and resistant to most outdoor elements. Their ability to withstand storms and the winter cold means they don’t need extra protection. These landscape fixtures can last long under harsh outdoor weather, making them a must for those interested in easy ways to protect their lighting design.

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