Collection of succulents growing

A Succulent Plant Care Guide for Beginners

Native to tropical regions across the world, including Africa, Asia, and Madagascar, succulents have the flair and versatility to brighten up your indoor or outdoor space. While succulents are notoriously easy to care for, that doesn’t mean they should be ignored during your garden care routine. Educating yourself on succulent care is one simple way to ensure your fuzzy little plants feel right at home.

What You Need to Know About Succulents

Succulents have thick, fleshy leaves or stems where they store water — helping them to survive in hot, dry climates. Succulents come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes and are known for their ability to easily propagate and fill gardens with a myriad of colors. Because of their many benefits, succulent popularity is on the rise across the globe. According to Verified Market Research, the succulent plant market is projected to reach USD 8.57 billion by 2027, up from USD 3.18 billion in 2019.

Succulent Care Fundamentals

While succulents may not be needy, they certainly do not deserve to be neglected during your garden care routine. Just a few basic care fundamentals can help your garden or home become a succulent oasis.

Don’t overwater

Overwatering succulents can make their leaves shrivel and eventually fall off. Succulents are most comfortable in hot, dry climates that best replicate their desert home. Because of this, succulents do not need as much water as other typical garden plants, so it’s best practice to let your soil dry out between waterings. To test if your succulents need more water, stick your finger about two inches deep into the soil. If your finger comes out with very little soil on it, that means the soil is dry enough to be watered again.

Collection of succulents growing

Ideal succulent temperature

Whether inside or outside, succulents like it warm. Ideal temperatures for succulents range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To protect your outdoor succulents from the extreme temperatures normally found during a Southeast Louisiana summer, either relocate them indoors or to a shaded area in your garden.

Ensure succulents get enough light

In general, succulents need a lot more light than other houseplants. If you decide to keep your succulents indoors, be sure they are still getting between three to six hours of sunlight each day. This is less of a concern for those who choose to keep their succulents outdoors. If you are concerned that your home does not offer enough light for succulents to thrive, there is no need to worry. Some varieties of succulents, like aloe plants, can survive in low-light conditions.

Plant Care at TPG – The Plant Gallery

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