Bring bees to the garden

How to Bring Bees to Your Garden

To bee or not to bee? That is the question. In truth, there are a ton of reasons to “bee” friendly and to bring bees to your garden. Read on to learn the advantages of a bee friendly garden, as well as what the best plants for bees are.

Why Should You Attract Bees and Pollinators to your Garden?

Bees are essential for pollinating flowers and the production of all fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately our bee population is at a shortage. By planting a bee friendly garden, with plants for pollinators and bees, we can provide shelter and food for our local bees. This will increase the productivity of our gardens, as well as our local ecosystem. 

Tips to Bring Bees to your Garden:

When planting to attract pollinators and bees, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind for the design of your bee friendly garden.

Clump Plants to Attract Bees

A variety of plants is important to attract bees, but grouping like plants together is essential. This allows bees to eat and rest in one spot for longer. Scattering plants will not attract as many bees as it requires bees to expend energy in order to fly from plant to plant. 

Limit Pesticides on your Pollinator Plants

Many pesticides kill not only the pests that you don’t welcome, but also the beneficial insects, too. Use helpful predator insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis instead. 

bring bees to your garden

Native Plants = Native Bees

Ask your local garden center which plants are native. Not only are native plants easier to care for, but they are great for your local bees!

Single Plants Only

That’s right Beyonce, single ladies only! All jokes aside, avoid flowers with double blooms. They have many petals and less pollen that is harder for bees to get to. The best plants for bees are plants with single bloom flowers. 

native plant new orleans louisiana

Pick Flowers in Purple, Blue, or Yellow Colors

LSU fans rejoice! Bees prefer flowers in the colors of purple, blue, and yellow. Studies have shown that bees do not pick flowers in the color red. Now you know! 

Select Plants for Year Round Flowers

Here in zone 9, or New Orleans, bees are here year round. Pick plants for your garden that will bloom at different times of the year so that there is always something for the bees to dine on. Below we have noted when each of our favorite plants to attract bees bloom during the year so that you can select a variety.  

Our Best Plants to Attract Bees:

Thank you for reading! We hope this inspires you to support your local ecosystem and local bees in your garden. TPG is proud to supply our plants from local growers here in Louisiana and the gulf South. You can visit us at our store at 9401 Airline Highway, New Orleans, LA 70118 or call us.

Featured Image: @a_beekeepers_garden