Tips for Hiring a Landscape Designer in New Orleans

Beautiful backyard created by landscape designers at TPG - The Plant Gallery in New Orleans

According to Insurance Bee, there are 632,895 landscaping businesses across the U.S. With so many options, it’s essential to know what skills and level of experience your landscape designer possesses. Your landscape designer should be able to conduct site analysis, create a conceptual design, and plan out construction. Follow these tips to ensure you hire […]

Can Landscaping Add Value to My New Orleans Home?

TPG - The Plant Gallery in New Orleans crafted home with beautiful landscaping

According to Bankrate, a home with a well-maintained landscape has a 5.5% to 12.7% price range advantage compared to a home with no landscaping. That’s a lot of added value for just adding some plants and trees, right? Learn how something as simple as installing landscape lighting could add value to your New Orleans home. […]

Metal Edging 101: How You Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Hedges created by The Plant Gallery in New Orleans via metal edging

As a long-time design technique used by professional landscapers, metal edging offers a practical solution to keeping plants, materials, and outdoor spaces intact and looking their best. This weather-resistant borderline creates a professional, clean-cut, and alluring appearance to your property, no matter if it’s placed along your winding walkways, lush green space, or blooming garden […]

Unusual Plants to Grow in Louisiana

buy local plants and flowers new orleans

It is every gardener’s favorite moment. That time when you are out in your garden (of course) and tending to your babies when someone stops walking their dog to ask, “Wow! What is that? That plant is so interesting and cool!” This is usually followed by a great conversation and maybe a request to have […]

Five of the Biggest Blooms for Your Backyard

hibiscus flowers in garden

Create a bold look with big, beautiful flowers in your backyard landscape. Plants with larger and bolder flowers are typically more upkeep, needing more water and fertilizer, but they are worth the landscape maintenance.