Beautiful backyard created by landscape designers at TPG - The Plant Gallery in New Orleans

Tips for Hiring a Landscape Designer in New Orleans

According to Insurance Bee, there are 632,895 landscaping businesses across the U.S.

With so many options, it’s essential to know what skills and level of experience your landscape designer possesses. Your landscape designer should be able to conduct site analysis, create a conceptual design, and plan out construction.

Follow these tips to ensure you hire a capable New Orleans landscape designer.

Ask If Your Landscape Designer Offers Maintenance Services

What’s the use of hiring a professional landscape designer if all the progress in your yard can’t be maintained? If your landscape designer doesn’t offer New Orleans lawn care maintenance services, consider it a red flag.

After you’re educated on the services your potential landscape designer offers, it’s time to look into the quality of their work.

Get Referrals and Recommendations

Whether you’re interested in something as complicated as an outdoor kitchen or something as simple as lawn care services, referrals and recommendations are a must when hiring a licensed landscape architect.
If a trusted friend or family member recommends a landscape contractor’s lawn and garden services, that’s normally a good sign to move forward in the hiring process. But if no one you know has recommendations, the next best place to look is Google reviews. Here you can learn about the quality of work your potential design build firm provides.

Ask Your Landscape Contractor If They’re Licensed

It’s advisable to ask prospective candidates for their certifications and licensure. Licensed landscape architects have extensive knowledge of construction methods and materials for landscape architecture. Licensed landscape designers are also knowledgeable about plant materials concerning local ecosystems — which is very important in a city like New Orleans.

TPG- The Plant Gallery Is Your Licensed Landscape Designer in New Orleans

When you hire the experienced landscape designers at TPG – The Plant Gallery, you can feel confident you are paying for the best quality of service. With 30 + years of experience serving Metro New Orleans, we know which plants thrive in our tropical environment and how to maintain their beauty.
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