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Does Landscaping Add Property Value?

First impressions are everything. If you are looking to sell your home or simply want to enjoy your home more in a productive way, you are probably asking yourself about whether or not landscaping adds property value. Not only does landscaping improve your home’s economic value, but it adds many other benefits to your home as well that make selling your house easier. 

Economic Benefits of Landscaping your Home

The return on investment of landscaping your home is tremendous. Improving your curb appeal attracts potential homebuyers to take an initial interest but even more, according to the Florida Nursery and Growers Association, landscaping can increase the property value of a home by up to 14% and increase the sell time of a home by up to 6 weeks. 

Tops Ways to Landscape for Increased Property Value

Determining a Landscaping Budget

Your home’s individual needs will determine your budget. If there is just one garden bed that is not up to par, some measurements, photos, and a trip to your local garden center could be best. If you decide to do a redesign of the back yard, you can communicate to your landscaper whether you would like to overhaul everything at once or would prefer to build the landscape over a few years. 

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Plant Trees

Trees are the biggest return on investment because they can provide privacy, energy savings, and absorb sounds. Consult a professional to determine the right tree for your landscape and consider planting trees in the 8ft range or larger to enjoy the benefits of the tree.  

Outdoor Living Spaces

A patio exponentially increases the value of your home. Be sure to avoid concrete and instead use wood, brick, or pavers as these are seen as higher end materials to potential home buyers.

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Unified Garden Beds

Avoid an eclectic look as it will give your property a disorganized look. Using unified shrubs or a professionally prepared plan will provide a more polished look to your landscape. 

Landscape Lighting

With widely available solar lighting, it is easier than ever to light your landscape and is a simple way to add property value. At minimum, be sure to light doorways, porches, and walkways for security. 

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Irrigation is a double return on investment. Not only does it protect the investment of the plants in your landscape but it protects the investment of your time. More than ever, homeowners are looking for houses that are easy to maintain. 

Landscaping your home will always increase your property value and better your home. Why not consider filling in under maintained spaces of your landscape or plan an upgrade with a landscape professional that will increase your property value and allow you to elevate your home?