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Everything You Need to Know About Plant Rentals in New Orleans

When it comes to event decor, nothing elevates the space quite like plants. The right florals and greenery can turn even the most mundane venue into a luxurious backdrop for a spectacular time.

If you’re looking to rent plants for your upcoming New Orleans event, TPG – The Plant Gallery has you covered. See below for everything you need to know about plant rentals in New Orleans.

The Aesthetic

The first step in planning the botanical vibe for your event is settling on a theme for the occasion. If you’re coordinating a private event, this might be as simple as selecting the mood you want to capture on the day. Whimsical, romantic, or elegant — each of these ambiances can be cultivated with the right plants. Whether you’re holding a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, the theme is vital for creating the perfect atmosphere.

A corporate event may take more hands-on coordination to decide what is right for your brand. Are you trying to present a new product or wow prospective clients? The proper floral design can subtly enhance the production value of your event without breaking the bank. Take a sterile conference or convention center and turn it into an appealing expression of your brand.

The Budget

While budgeting is never the fun part of planning an event, it’s crucial to consider. Fortunately, plant rentals offer a flexible and cost-effective solution compared to purchasing and maintaining plants for a one-time occasion.

When working with a budget, discuss your needs with your vendor. The team at TPG – The Plant Gallery can guide you in choosing the right plants and containers within your price range.

To help you get started, here are some factors you’ll want to consider:

  • The types of plants desired (flowering, trees, greenery, etc.)
  • The number of plants you need
  • The venue size
  • Live plants vs. cut florals

It’s important to remember that rental packages include delivery, setup, and breakdown services, ultimately saving you an incredible amount of time and effort.

The Design Elements

Planning an event involves juggling various logistics, and plant rentals can simplify this process significantly. Consider the type of venue you have chosen (indoor vs. outdoor, for example) and the available space, then work on prioritizing your plant needs.

The following are all elements you might consider adding to a space, depending on the type of event:

  • Table centerpieces
  • Floral/plant walls
  • Archways
  • Standing arrangements
  • Potted trees

Working with an experienced plant rental company can take a lot of the guesswork out of these plans, including the best design and layout for a certain space.

New Orleans Plant Rentals at TPG – The Plant Gallery

Whether you’re looking for minimalist, modern florals or you want to turn your space into a tropical oasis, the talented floral artists at TPG – The Plant Gallery can make your ideas a reality. Our team of experts takes care of everything from design and coordination with the venue to on-the-day delivery, setup, and breakdown.

With our extensive selection of high-quality plants and containers, we can cater to a wide range of themes and styles. From small-scale gatherings to large corporate events, we have the expertise to transform any space into a botanical wonderland, no matter the desired aesthetic, budgetary constraints, or logistical challenges.

If you’re ready to get started, fill out a free consultation form today.