Outdoor Water Feature Pop With Lighting

Make Your Outdoor Water Feature Pop With Lighting

Using lights to center your outdoor water feature as a focal point of your property can strengthen the visual appeal of your landscape design. To implement the proper lighting for your water feature, you’ll want to consider all lighting options and how each may benefit your New Orleans property.

Lighting Options for Your Outdoor Water Feature

Incorporating the proper lighting for your water feature begins with choosing the right lighting angle to minimize any distracting glares. It may be useful to consider the benefits of the following lighting options when determining which best aligns with your property needs:

  • Downlights: Recommended for ponds and larger fountains, these lights cast a diffused glow on the surface of the water and illuminate features from a distance.
  • Uplights: Recommended for waterfalls, these lights make water features more visible and can be enhanced with a colorful effect.
  • Submersible lights: Recommended for ponds and water fountains, these lights are best at providing light from within. Submersible white spotlights are an excellent option when looking to brilliantly illuminate flowing water.

How Effective Are Solar-powered Pond Lights?

Pond owners who wish to lower their monthly energy costs might benefit from solar-powered lights. Though cost-effective, this kind of light has various disadvantages, which should be considered when deciding between solar lights and ordinary main lighting options. One of these disadvantages is that some solar lights on the market aren’t powerful enough to illuminate larger ponds. Before purchasing solar-powered pond lights, it’s best practice to consider the size of your pond and the illumination ability of the lights you’re purchasing.

Using LED Lights to Save Electricity

LED lights strung together on a flexible green line can help save electricity. With a lifespan of about ten years, these bulbs ensure adequate outdoor lighting for an extended period of time, allowing you to focus on your other design endeavors.

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