New Orleans Area Landscaping Maintenance Services

One of the best ways to make a strong first impression at your home or business is to have well-maintained, professional landscaping. Our team at TPG – The Plant Gallery can turn your existing landscaping or bare yard into an attractive, unique space that fits your vision. We will help your landscaping flourish through regular care and attention.

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Residential Landscaping Maintenance

Our team has all the experience and tools necessary to completely transform the exterior of your home. First, we’ll meet with you on-site to view your property and discuss your ideas and expectations. We’ll then draw up a design for you to review before finally installing your ideal landscaping, including all the necessary lighting and irrigation elements.

We also offer regular maintenance with flexible services to accommodate your schedule and the needs of your garden. Our maintenance options include weekly pruning and shaping, bi-monthly comprehensive services, or seasonal coloring and updating. We also offer interior maintenance packages in addition to our exterior options.

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Your image says a lot about you to customers before they even walk through the door. At TPG – The Plant Gallery, we understand the role landscaping can play in your business. That’s why we offer landscaping solutions tailored to your business’s unique character and aspirations. We’ll also provide you with weekly or monthly maintenance visits so that your commercial property looks its best every day of the year.

Landscaping Maintenance Packages




Shrub trimming and shaping

Vine shaping and training

Irrigation monitoring

Disease and pest treatment


Coloring (periodic plant replacement to fit the season)

Depending on the needs of your home or business, we offer a wide range of essential maintenance packages and services to keep your landscaping looking its best, year-round. Our crews will do all the necessary mowing, watering, fertilizing, and irrigation monitoring, plus more specialized services such as shrub and vine trimming and shaping. We can also keep your plants safe from diseases and pests, as well as periodically adjust your landscaping’s lighting and coloring to keep it looking fresh as the seasons change.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Portfolio

We have years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes at homes and businesses across the greater New Orleans area. Our work can be seen at several commercial properties in the Big Easy, including the Riverwalk, The Ritz Carlton, Harrah’s Hotel, Hyatt New Orleans, Children’s Hospital, Metairie Country Club, Mercedes Benz dealership, The Roosevelt Hotel, and the Treasure Chest Casino.

Some of our Maintenance Clients

Reliable Maintenance

At TPG - The Plant Gallery, we believe that landscape design should first and foremost be driven by our clients' vision and preferences. Our goal is to understand your needs and create your ideal space. If you need regular landscaping maintenance or help with a new design, call us to get started with one of our landscaping experts.