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Maximize the Lifespan of Your Christmas Tree With These Tips

With more than 90% of Americans celebrating Christmas yearly, everybody wants to make it a remarkable holiday season. Celebrators use all kinds of decor to add a festive flair to their holiday, from buying a Santa Claus suit to covering their homes’ walls with shiny garlands and wreaths.

One historical decoration — the Christmas tree — makes the holiday merrier by bringing wintertime elegance and fresh scents of pine to your home. However, to get the most out of your tree, you’ll need to prepare it to last for the entire holiday season.

Here are expert tips you’ll want to know to help maximize the lifespan of your Christmas tree and other holiday foliage.

How to Take Care of Fresh Garland, Wreaths, and Poinsettias


A must-add Christmas decoration, garland can sometimes be tricky to keep healthy indoors. A few ways to ensure your garland stays healthy this holiday season include:

  • Keeping it cool
  • Spritz with water every day
  • Soak your garland in water before hanging 
  • Cut your stems at a 45-degree angle


Another Christmas staple, wreaths are sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. To ensure your wreaths stay beautiful and healthy for Santa, try following these tips.

How to keep your wreaths healthy:

  • If possible, display your wreath outdoors
  • Keep them cool
  • Mist your wreaths with water daily
  • Buy your wreaths as fresh as possible


Often forgotten about when people discuss their favorite Christmas foliage, poinsettias can add a spark to your home this holiday season. Make sure your poinsettias look their best by:

  • Making sure your plants are getting plenty of sunlight 
  • Trimming your plants regularly 
  • Continually watering and fertilizing your plants 

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A Healthy and Vibrant Tree Is Essential

Your local vendor might have harvested the tree weeks before putting it on display. If so, your Christmas tree might have a shorter shelf life. To make sure that your tree will remain lively throughout the holidays, buy a healthy and freshly cut tree. A healthy and vibrant Christmas tree is one with:

  • Minimal to no brown needles
  • A pliable feel on the branches
  • Durable needles that stay on even after shaking

Cut Straight Across the Base

If you’re harvesting your Christmas tree, ensure you’ve cut it clean and straight across the base. This helps to remove dried-out resin that might prevent the tree from absorbing water. You can also put the tree in a bucket of water if you’re not putting it up immediately to aid water absorption.

Check Water Levels Regularly

Low water levels may cause resin to form, block water absorption, and eventually cause your Christmas tree to dry up. Therefore, check the water levels daily and refill as required. Ensure the water levels are above the bottom two inches of the trunk.

Keep It Away From Heat Sources

Another tip on how to care for a Christmas tree is keeping it away from heat sources. Even if it might look lovely beside a roaring fireplace or candles, a Christmas tree might dry up faster if kept too close to the heat. You could use a humidifier to enhance moisture in your room if it’s prone to dryness.

Learn More With TPG – The Plant Gallery

Keeping your Christmas tree for long shouldn’t be intimidating or impossible. At TPG – The Plant Gallery, our Christmas trees are of the freshest quality, and our team can help you locate one that meets your holiday vision. We offer a range of Christmas decor at our Garden Center, from garlands and wreaths to dazzling centerpieces that elevate your holiday cheer.

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