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Small Wedding Flower Ideas to Make your Day Special

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TPG recommends adhering to the health guidelines set by your local government when gathering for your small wedding.

If you are getting married this year, your wedding will probably look very different than how you initially imagined. Due to COVID-19, couples all over are cancelling or postponing their weddings. Some are still having their wedding, but much smaller and more creatively.

Whether you are streaming your ceremony, participating in the micro wedding trend, or having a driving parade, your wedding can still be very beautiful. Here are some small wedding flower and decor ideas, plus our best piece of advice, to inspire you and make your small wedding extra special:

1. A Big and Bold Bridal Bouquet for a Socially Distant Wedding

If you are live streaming, taking bridal photos, or having a socially distanced wedding, you want a bridal bouquet that will stand out. Go for a cascading look or a bright color palette so that it can be seen from a distance.

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Photo: Chelsea Rousey Photography

2. Succulents for Table Centerpieces

Succulents create simple, elegant wedding centerpieces that are very popular. Additionally, guests can take succulents home as a wedding favor or the newly wedded couple can keep them for many years to come as a reminder of their special wedding day.

small wedding flower ideas

3. Candles to Elevate your Wedding

Though not flowers, candles are an affordable, easy way to elevate the decor at your wedding for minimal effort. They also go along with any floral arrangement or decor! 

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4. Small Monochrome Bouquet

You may decide that a small wedding calls for a simple, small bridal bouquet. To give your bouquet maximum impact, keep it simple and go with a monochrome color scheme. Flowers with different textures but in the same color create a beautiful, streamlined look.

small wedding flower ideas
Photo: @ashleykristenphoto

Our Biggest Tip for Small Wedding Decor:

Chances are, your small wedding’s venue is much smaller. If you are now providing the venue yourself, you most likely need to provide tables, linens, and decor for your wedding, too. Seek out a wedding florist that also provides affordable event rentals to save you time and money. Additionally, especially for a postponed wedding, a local small business wedding florist will be able to provide you with flowers that are in-season for your new wedding date. This will save you money and provide you with the most vibrant wedding flowers.

Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic can be tough and uncertain. We hope that you consider these small wedding flower ideas for your small wedding decor.

For more information about planning your wedding flowers and decor, or event rentals with TPG, contact Susan our wedding consultant. We also offer video wedding floral consultations. 

Feature Image: @ashleykristenphoto