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The Best Flowers for Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th this year. Mothers come in all shapes, forms and sizes and are the most important people in our lives. Do you know what else comes in all shapes, forms and sizes? Mother’s Day flower arrangements! TPG offers delivery, pick-up, an assortment of vases and the handcrafted touch. But still the choices are endless and you want your flowers for mom to be perfect. So here are our top picks for the best flowers for Mother’s Day flower arrangements to help you celebrate the mothers in your life and make them feel special!


Roses are a classic and affordable Mother’s Day flower choice. They come in so many different colors, are long lasting, and look great on their own or in a beautiful floral arrangement.

creme de la creme


Iris are beautiful and will be in season around Mother’s Day guaranteeing the most beautiful local Mother’s Day flowers. They are spectacular on their own in a gorgeous vase or in a natural looking flower arrangement. 

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Potted Orchid

Nothing says elegance like an orchid. With very little care, they can also be wonderful gifts and long lasting houseplants for Mother’s Day. Put the orchid in a small attractive pot that will last even longer than the orchid itself for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. These make excellent gifts for the other mothers in our lives like grandma, who may be receiving multiple flower arrangements for Mother’s Day. 


It may be hot, but Mother’s Day is in the spring time. Why not celebrate mom and the season with a lovely, colorful bouquet of tulips? They make a big statement when arranged on their own and come in many different colors that will be guaranteed to suit any mother.


Monochromatic Mother’s Day flower arrangements make a big impact and are easy to display in the home. Pick classic white or mother’s favorite color to bring a smile to her face!

White roses mixed with other white flowers and greenery arranged by flower delivery service The Plant Gallery in New Orleans, LA

Florists’ Choice

Not sure what mother will like? Tell your florist your budget (don’t forget to include floral delivery if needed) and let them hand craft a magnificent Mother’s Day arrangement. Not only will your florist enjoy doing what they do best, but you can guarantee that you will be getting the freshest, most beautiful flowers in the shop! Don’t forget to take a picture of the finished product because you never know, you may want to gift the same Mother’s Day bouquet next year!

More than ever this year, we want to appreciate and bring a smile to the important mothers in our life! TPG offers local flowers, a unique gift shop, handcrafted floral arrangements, affordable pricing, and delivery. Choose from the best Mother’s Day flowers in New Orleans and give us a call at 504.488.8887!