It’s Tomato Time! 5 of the Best Recipes to Enjoy Tomatoes.

best summer tomato recipes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s tomato season and we couldn’t be more excited to share our best recipes to enjoy summer’s best fruit – the tomato. First of all, when the tomatoes are local, ripe, and in season, they don’t need much because they already taste great. There is nothing […]

TPG’s Ultimate Guide to Growing Tomatoes

growing tomatoes and vegetables new orleans

Maybe you sit around and dream about tomatoes all day. Maybe you don’t and maybe you sacrilegiously buy them from Walmart in December AND store them in your refrigerator (!). Doesn’t matter because it is summer now and that means it is tomato season in New Orleans. Here in south Louisiana that is just code […]

Spring Herbs (and how we are excited to use them!)

herbs new orleans

Spring has sprung in New Orleans! Not only is it the best time to plant flowers and shrubs and trees, but also herbs. In fact, now is the time to plant and use herbs in spring recipes before some of our favorite herbs expire with the hot weather. Advantages of growing your own herbs? Besides […]

Use Edible Flowers this Spring!

Use Edible Flowers This Spring! Using flowers is an amazing, natural way to decorate and use up the last of those winter annuals! Here we give you some of our favorite ideas on how to use edible flowers. Read below to see a list of some great edible flowers. Here is a list of some […]