hibiscus flowers in garden

Five of the Biggest Blooms for Your Backyard

            Create a bold look with big, beautiful flowers in your backyard landscape. Plants with larger and bolder flowers are typically more upkeep, needing more water and fertilizer, but they are worth the landscape maintenance. Continue reading for five of the biggest blooms for your backyard.


Hibiscus are some of the largest flowers you can have in your backyard landscape. These flowers come in many colors including brilliant reds, yellows, oranges, and even purples. Cajun Hibiscus plants, seen below, can offer a beautiful point of interest to your landscape. They bloom all season long, which makes them easy to maintain and enjoy!

Japanese Magnolia

The Japanese Magnolia, also known as the saucer magnolia, are seen blooming in mid-February. They bloom large flowers that come in colors such as white, lavender-pink, rose-purple, dark reddish-purple, and light yellow. The most common colors you will often see are the dark and light pink Jane and Ann. Japanese Magnolia plants should be planted in a well-drained, sunny location.          

Japanese Magnolia


Hydrangeas are often the staple of many different shade gardens. The white hydrangeas, also known as the Hydrangea arborescens “Annabelle”, can give you the bold statement without the color of the previous two flowers. These are a must for a New Orleans’ garden, because its stems can withstand rain-soaked blooms. The best placement of this plant is in full sun to part shade.


Oriental Lily

Oriental Lilies are also the perfect pick for a vibrant color flower or a neutral color flower, coming in pink, red, and white. These can be the star flowers of your garden, growing up to six feet tall. Oriental Lilies are also the perfect flower to pick if you are looking for a fragrant flower to add to your garden. This plant is best when in full sun to part shade and in moist, well-drained soil. 

Japonica Camellia 

The Japonica Camellia plants are not only a large, beautiful flower for your backyard, they are also some of the few early flowering shrubs here in the south. These are perfect to cut and admire on your coffee table or even wear like a broach, being that they resemble a corsage. The Japonica Camellia plant thrives in a partly shaded spot and should be protected from direct, hot sunlight.

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