Maximize the Lifespan of Your Christmas Tree With These Tips

A gorgeous Christmas tree that you can find at TPG - The Plant Gallery in New Orleans

With more than 90% of Americans celebrating Christmas yearly, everybody wants to make it a remarkable holiday season. Celebrators use all kinds of decor to add a festive flair to their holiday, from buying a Santa Claus suit to covering their homes’ walls with shiny garlands and wreaths. One historical decoration — the Christmas tree […]

Unusual Plants to Grow in Louisiana

buy local plants and flowers new orleans

It is every gardener’s favorite moment. That time when you are out in your garden (of course) and tending to your babies when someone stops walking their dog to ask, “Wow! What is that? That plant is so interesting and cool!” This is usually followed by a great conversation and maybe a request to have […]

3 Tips to Protect Your Landscape Lights From the Elements

lighting for landscaping in front of luxury home

Landscape lights can raise your property value and appeal while also safely guiding guests as they walk along your yard at night. Although useful, outdoor lighting is often damaged by harsh weather elements. Familiarizing yourself with ways to protect your outdoor lighting fixtures can help you better maintain a robust and functional landscape design. 1. […]