Floral Arrangement Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

wedding flowers new orleans

Looking for floral arrangement ideas for your outdoor wedding? Luckily for us in New Orleans, outdoor wedding season is almost (hello summer!) year round. Wedding ceremonies in New Orleans venues are typically held in beautiful New Orleans courtyards, parks, backyards, and gorgeous St. Charles mansions. Read on to learn about ways to elevate your wedding […]

5 Inspiring Garden Themes for the Home Garden

theme garden

Designing a themed garden or themed garden bed for the home can be an inspiring and practical way to plan a landscape. It can also be a fun way to showcase personal interests or get others involved in the garden! Here are our top tips for designing a theme garden and 5 inspiring garden themes […]

How to Bring Bees to Your Garden

Bring bees to the garden

To bee or not to bee? That is the question. In truth, there are a ton of reasons to “bee” friendly and to bring bees to your garden. Read on to learn the advantages of a bee friendly garden, as well as what the best plants for bees are. Why Should You Attract Bees and […]

How to Fix and Prevent Root Rot

root rot indoor outdoor plants

Anyone with a garden in New Orleans knows that humidity is what Southerners do best. And though many plants are made to take the heat, excessive dampness is not always what they do best. Many times, dampness in plants can lead to root rot and though it can happen to any plant, root rot can […]

7 Plants to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes in New Orleans

plants that repel mosquitoes new orleans

Summer brings the heat and mosquitoes to New Orleans. If mosquito bites aren’t bad enough, we’ve been warned about how toxic the sprays can be to repel mosquitoes. So why not add some plants and herbs that naturally repel mosquitoes to your New Orleans garden? They will make your Louisiana summer and next outdoor party […]

Tiny Yards: 7 Ideas for Designing a Small Garden in New Orleans

small garden design ideas new orleans

Ah New Orleans! A city complete with funky shotgun style houses, gorgeous Southern mansions and…extremely small yards. Whether you just have a front porch, a small French Quarter style courtyard, or a tiny backyard, you probably don’t have a lot of space and you want to use it well. Here are some top tips and […]

A Red, White, and Blue Garden Arrangement for the 4th of July

4th of July Container Garden Arrangement

This time of year, we are inspired by the patriotic and summer inspired colors of red, white, and blue. Not only will this potted arrangement be a stellar centerpiece for your 4th of July party but it can hang out and look great for the rest of the summer. We have constructed this gorgeous display […]

6 Reasons to Buy your Plants and Flowers from Local Businesses

buy local plants and flowers new orleans

Everyone knows that there are plants at big box stores (we won’t name them but…you know…) and that many plants are “cheaper” at big box stores. But the reality is that many times the prices are quite competitive, sometimes even more affordable, at your local garden center and florist. Besides the price, there are many […]

The Complete Guide to New Orleans’ Favorite Tree: The Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtle tree care new orleans

You can’t go anywhere in New Orleans without seeing one of the city’s favorite trees, the crepe myrtle. There is no secret as to why it is our favorite. The crepe myrtle yields beautiful long-lasting summer flowers, tolerates the Louisiana heat, and has a sculptural trunk with beautiful bark. Another reason why it is so […]