3 Ways to Help Your Potted Plants Get Enough Drainage

Potted plants and flowers sitting on a windowsill indoors

In your plant nursery, you have probably noticed the small holes in the bottom of each plant’s container. Critical to the health and lifespan of your potted plants, these holes allow air to flow to the plant’s roots and excess water to drain out of the container. This ensures that your plants receive the fresh […]

TellTale Signs of Overwatered Plants

When you take a new plant home, do you ever wonder if you are watering it too much, how to even tell, or if it is even possible for a plant to have too much water? You may believe you are doing everything right, but your new plant just does not have the life of […]

5 Inspiring Garden Themes for the Home Garden

theme garden

Designing a themed garden or themed garden bed for the home can be an inspiring and practical way to plan a landscape. It can also be a fun way to showcase personal interests or get others involved in the garden! Here are our top tips for designing a theme garden and 5 inspiring garden themes […]

Indoor Houseplant Tips for Beginners

houspelant tips for beginners

What else in your home could create a serene environment and purify the air all at the same time? It’s houseplants! If you’re thinking – Wow! Where can I get one of those? – we are going to share our top indoor houseplant tips for beginners, as well as some of our best houseplants.  Light […]

How to Fix and Prevent Root Rot

root rot indoor outdoor plants

Anyone with a garden in New Orleans knows that humidity is what Southerners do best. And though many plants are made to take the heat, excessive dampness is not always what they do best. Many times, dampness in plants can lead to root rot and though it can happen to any plant, root rot can […]

Use Edible Flowers this Spring!

Use Edible Flowers This Spring! Using flowers is an amazing, natural way to decorate and use up the last of those winter annuals! Here we give you some of our favorite ideas on how to use edible flowers. Read below to see a list of some great edible flowers. Here is a list of some […]